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Happy Thanksgiving

We'd like to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American readers. Enjoy the turkey!

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- koboldkiller <2009-11-26 06:11:53>

Happy Halloween!

We'd like to extend a Happy Halloween to all of our readers here at Mmodb. Enjoy the updates and enjoy your holiday!

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- koboldkiller <2009-10-31 11:10:21>

Allen Brack Interview has put together a video interview with production director J. Allen Brack from the Game Developer's Conference.

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- koboldkiller <2009-09-22 10:09:59>

Cataclysm Officially Announced

Although it's been common knowledge for a while now, Cataclysm has been officially announced as an expansion. You can visit the official web site for it by clicking here.

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- koboldkiller <2009-08-22 00:08:07>

Cataclysm Races Leaked?

According to a new article there are two new races in the upcoming Cataclysm expansion and those races are Worgen (Alliance) and Goblin (Horde).

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- koboldkiller <2009-08-10 21:08:55>

Top Five Pre-Wrath Boss Fights has listed their Top Five Pre-Wrath Boss Fights in a new article. Illidan Stormrage was at the top of the list and they had this to say about the encounter...
Illidan was enormous, even kneeling down in the middle of the room. The minute we positioned ourselves and started the fight, we knew it would be incredible. As much as we expected everything that was about to happen, the opening speech gave me chills every single time. It was as if we'd reached the end of the game; the point where everything we'd worked for was about to be put to the test. In a way, we had. It wasn't until they added the Sunwell raid instance that there were more bosses to face past Illidan, and they didn't feel nearly as amazing.

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- koboldkiller <2009-07-09 05:07:37>