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World of Warcraft Ribbly Screwspigot

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NameRibbly Screwspigot (Elite)
FactionGoblin Dark Iron Bar Patron
Submitted Bysanklovich
Dun Morogh
Blackrock Depths
Drops ItemsClick To Hide/Show
ItemDrop Rate
Ribbly\'s Head Ribbly's Head%43.83
Plans: Dark Iron Plate Plans: Dark Iron Plate%12.04
Fine Longsword Fine Longsword%10.01
Wayfarer\'s Knapsack Wayfarer's Knapsack%8.62
Runecloth Runecloth%8.32
Ribbly\'s Bandolier Ribbly's Bandolier%6.69
Ribbly\'s Quiver Ribbly's Quiver%6.54
Roasted Quail Roasted Quail%2.97
Duskwoven Pants Duskwoven Pants%2.08
Righteous Leggings Righteous Leggings%2.08
Lord\'s Breastplate Lord's Breastplate%1.63
Mystical Bracers Mystical Bracers%1.49
Abjurer\'s Robe Abjurer's Robe%1.49
Chieftain\'s Breastplate Chieftain's Breastplate%1.34
Swashbuckler\'s Bracers Swashbuckler's Bracers%1.34
Overlord\'s Chestplate Overlord's Chestplate%1.34
Lord\'s Pauldrons Lord's Pauldrons%1.19
Crusader\'s Pauldrons Crusader's Pauldrons%1.04
Wanderer\'s Cloak Wanderer's Cloak%1.04
Councillor\'s Cloak Councillor's Cloak%1.04
Crusader\'s Helm Crusader's Helm%1.04
Black Diamond Black Diamond%0.89
Ornate Girdle Ornate Girdle%0.89
Councillor\'s Cuffs Councillor's Cuffs%0.89
Heavy Lamellar Helm Heavy Lamellar Helm%0.89
Lord\'s Boots Lord's Boots%0.89
Swashbuckler\'s Boots Swashbuckler's Boots%0.74
Swashbuckler\'s Gloves Swashbuckler's Gloves%0.74
Superior Mana Potion Superior Mana Potion%0.74
Heavy Lamellar Pauldrons Heavy Lamellar Pauldrons%0.74
Crusader\'s Leggings Crusader's Leggings%0.59
Mystical Belt Mystical Belt%0.59
Mystical Cape Mystical Cape%0.59
Morning Glory Dew Morning Glory Dew%0.59
Ornate Cloak Ornate Cloak%0.59
Heavy Lamellar Gauntlets Heavy Lamellar Gauntlets%0.59
Ornate Pauldrons Ornate Pauldrons%0.59
Councillor\'s Gloves Councillor's Gloves%0.59
Wanderer\'s Belt Wanderer's Belt%0.45
Wanderer\'s Bracers Wanderer's Bracers%0.45
Arctic Ring Arctic Ring%0.45
Engraved Cape Engraved Cape%0.45
Ornate Bracers Ornate Bracers%0.45
Heavy Lamellar Chestpiece Heavy Lamellar Chestpiece%0.45
Swashbuckler\'s Shoulderpads Swashbuckler's Shoulderpads%0.45
Councillor\'s Sash Councillor's Sash%0.45
Crusader\'s Belt Crusader's Belt%0.45
Revenant Chestplate Revenant Chestplate%0.45
Crusader\'s Gauntlets Crusader's Gauntlets%0.45
Templar Pauldrons Templar Pauldrons%0.3
Righteous Helmet Righteous Helmet%0.3
Emerald Girdle Emerald Girdle%0.3
Stout War Staff Stout War Staff%0.3
Emerald Sabatons Emerald Sabatons%0.3
Mystical Gloves Mystical Gloves%0.3
Mystical Headwrap Mystical Headwrap%0.3
Major Healing Potion Major Healing Potion%0.3
Heavy Lamellar Boots Heavy Lamellar Boots%0.3
Twill Vest Twill Vest%0.3
Swashbuckler\'s Eyepatch Swashbuckler's Eyepatch%0.3
Swashbuckler\'s Leggings Swashbuckler's Leggings%0.3
Heavy Lamellar Leggings Heavy Lamellar Leggings%0.3
Templar Bracers Templar Bracers%0.3
Revenant Leggings Revenant Leggings%0.3
Templar Gauntlets Templar Gauntlets%0.3
Templar Girdle Templar Girdle%0.3
Laminated Scale Armor Laminated Scale Armor%0.15
Righteous Armor Righteous Armor%0.15
Light Plate Bracers Light Plate Bracers%0.15
Mystical Boots Mystical Boots%0.15
Wanderer\'s Boots Wanderer's Boots%0.15
Smooth Leather Bracers Smooth Leather Bracers%0.15
Duskwoven Tunic Duskwoven Tunic%0.15
Smooth Leather Shoulderpads Smooth Leather Shoulderpads%0.15
Star Ruby Star Ruby%0.15
Alabaster Plate Gauntlets Alabaster Plate Gauntlets%0.15
Swashbuckler\'s Belt Swashbuckler's Belt%0.15
Wanderer\'s Gloves Wanderer's Gloves%0.15
Twill Cloak Twill Cloak%0.15
Twill Gloves Twill Gloves%0.15
Councillor\'s Boots Councillor's Boots%0.15
Scroll of Strength III Scroll of Strength III%0.15
Overlord\'s Shield Overlord's Shield%0.15
Templar Crown Templar Crown%0.15
Clout Mace Clout Mace%0.15
Lord\'s Legguards Lord's Legguards%0.15
Jagged Axe Jagged Axe%0.15


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