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World of Warcraft The Eye: Kael'thas Sunstrider

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NameThe Eye: Kael'thas Sunstrider
This is the final installation of the Tempest Keep: The Eye instance guide. The guide talks about how to defeat Kael'thas Sunstrider, the Lord of the Blood Elves. Good luck!

On the way to either Void Reaver or High Astromancer Solarian's rooms, you will encounter Crimson Hand mobs at the middle of the hallway. These mobs guard the way to Prince Kael'thas' room. They are present on both side hallways, so just pick one route and clear the way towards Prince Kael'thas' room. These mobs are much tougher than the previous blood elf mobs that you have encountered at the beginning of the instance.

Trash mob information
Crimson Hand Centurion - melee blood elf mob which has the Arcane Flurry ability. This ability functions like a whirlwind, while shooting off arcane volleys. The volleys each do 5525 to 7475 arcane damage, so they pretty much hurt. They are vulnerable to crowd control, so to effectively deal with these mobs, you need to spam crowd control skills (polymorph, fear) while killing it to prevent it from doing Arcane Flurries.

Crimson Hand Blood Knight - paladin blood elf mob similar to Bloodwarder Squires. Has the Hammer of Justice skill which stuns its current target. Can also Cleanse other mobs to dispel their crowd control and heals with Flash of Light. Due to their nature of being able to dispel effects, they are to be killed first, or just tanked far away from the rest of the group so that they can't dispel crowd control abilities. They are immune to crowd control effects.

Crimson Hand Battle Mage - mage blood elf mob which has several AoE skills that can be very deadly for the raid. Has the frost mage skills Cone of Cold, Blizzard and Frostbolt Volley. These spells all do moderate AoE damage to the raid (around 2000+ frost damage). It also has a frost damage melee attack which deals an additional moderate frost damage. These mobs are vulnerable to crowd control effects, so they should be killed while being spammed by crowd control abilities (like the Crimson Hand Centurions) to reduce their AoE abilities.

Crimson Hand Inquisitor - priest blood elf mob which has several offensive priest skills. Has Mind Flay which deals 2000 shadow damage per second to its target for 3 seconds. Also can do Shadow Word: Pain which deals around 3500 shadow damage every 3 seconds. Additionally, these mobs has Power Infusion which can increase spell damage and healing by 20%. This buff can and should be dispelled. They are also vulnerable to crowd control effects.

Bloodwarder Marshal - A heavy melee blood elf mob. Hits hard and has the Uppercut ability. Also has Whirlwind and Bloodthirst abilities. Cannot be crowd controlled.

The first group you'll encounter at the Tempest Bridge (hallway to Prince Kael'thas' room) are Crimson Hand Centurions, Crimson Hand Blood Knights and Crimson Hand Battle Mages. The Crimson Hand Centurions and Crimson Hand Battle Mages are very deadly due to their AoE abilities, so they should be the target for sheeps. Crimson Hand Blood Knights can dispel these. To deal with this first pack, everyone should go back to the open area in Al'ar's room just before entering the hallway, and have a hunter Misdirect the Crimson Hand Blood Knights to tanks that are staying far away (more than 30 yards away) from the raid so that they won't be able to dispel sheeps on the remaining mobs.

Once the Crimson Hand Blood Knights are tanked safely away from the other mobs, pick a target from them, preferrably the Crimson Hand Battle Mages first and kill them one at a time. When the Crimson Hand Battle Mages are dead, move to the Crimson Hand Centurions then finally the Crimson Hand Blood Knights. Once they are dead, move forward to where this group was stationed and be ready to pull the next pack, a patrol. This patrol consists of a Bloodwarder Marshal, a Crimson Hand Inquisitor and a Crimson Hand Centurion.

This pack is fairly easy to deal with. Tank and kill the Bloodwarder Marshal first and crowd control the other two mobs. Be careful while killing the Bloodwarder Marshal because it can kill the melee due to its Whirlwind ability. Better have the melee stay behind while the ranged focus on the Bloodwarder Marshal first and kill it. Once its dead, get either of the two crowd controlled mobs and kill them one at a time. Of course, spamming sheep while killing them is essential to reduce raid damage due to their AoE abilities.

When the rest of them are dead, stay below the ramp because at the end of the ramp is another pack similar to the first one you have encountered. Just like the first one, Misdirect the mobs to far tanks and crowd control the rest. Pick one at a time and kill them. Once the pack is dead, move up the ramp and stay there for now. Don't enter the room yet, there are several packs still inside the room.

The next pack you will want to pull is either the patrol similar to the ramp patrol or the pack to the side of the room. Each of the stationary packs inside Prince Kael'thas's room consists of one of each of the previous mobs you have killed, plus a Crimson Hand Inquisitor which has the Power Infusion ability. To deal with these packs, you will need to kill the Crimson Hand Blood Knight first this time, while spamming crowd controls on the rest. You will need a tank for the Crimson Hand Blood Knight and one for the Bloodwarder Marshal since they are both immune to crowd control.

Kill the Crimson Hand Blood Knight first quickly, then move to the Bloodwarder Marshal to eliminate the Whirlwinding mob. After those two hard-hitters, move to the moderately soft ones and kill them one at a time. Once the first pack pull is dead, get the next one, either the patrol (if you did not get it previously) or the middle pack. Do the same thing with the previous pack. If its the patrol, just treat it like the previous bridge patrol pack that you killed earlier.

Clear all trash mob packs inside Prince Kael'thas' room, then move to the southernmost part of his room. Moving a bit to the center of his room will start the event, so make sure to stay near the south part of the room. Buff up and get ready for a challenging boss fight.

Kael'thas Sunstrider
The final boss inside Tempest Keep: The Eye. He is the renowned prince of the magic-addicted race known as Blood Elves. Standing in his throne inside the top floor of Tempest Keep, he has his 4 advisors accompanying him. During the course of the boss fight, you will have to face all of his advisors and kill them, before you can deal with Kael'thas himself.

Raid Composition
1 Main Tank
1-2 Off-tanks (paladin tank recommended)
At least 1 warlock tank (2 is recommended)
1 ranged tank (hunter/elemental shaman)
7-8 healers
Other slots for DPS (with around 6+ AoE classes for the weapons)

Key Abilities
Thaladred the Darkener
Gaze - Thaladred's main ability. Periodically while Thaladred is active, he will select a random person in the raid and "Gaze" at him. When he does this, he will chase down this person until he / she dies or he gazes on another person.

Rend - When Thaladred manages to melee his target, a bleed effect will be applied to this person, dealing around 2500 damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.

Psychic Blow - Thaladred's ranged ability. Occasionally, Thaladred will hit his target with a Psychic Blow, hitting him / her for 4375 to 5625 damage and knocks the person back for several yards.

Silence - Thaladred has an AoE silence ability which he performs to silence people within 8 yards from him for 8 seconds.

Lord Sanguinar
Thrash - Lord Sanguinar has the ability to burst down its target with this ability. When Lord Sanguinar thrashes, he gains 2 additional attacks, so the tank should be topped off all the time to avoid being bursted down.

Bellowing Roar - Lord Sanguinar's AoE fear ability which he does periodically. This fear affects everyone within 35 yards from him, including the tank, so it is recommended to have Fear Ward put on its tank to avoid getting feared.

Grand Astromancer Capernian
Fireball - Capernian's main offensive ability. Deals around 5525 to 7475 fire damage. This can be partially resisted.

Conflagration - Capernian's secondary ability. Capernian picks a random target within 30 yards from her and conflagrates the person, disorienting him / her and dealing 9000 fire damage over 10 seconds. This fire damage DoT affects nearby players as well, which deals around 300 fire damage to them.

Arcane Burst - When anyone is within 10 yards from Capernian (melee range), she will do an Arcane Explosion type ability which deals around 4050 to 4950 arcane damage to those within melee range of her and knocks them far back. Also, this places an 8 second debuff on those affected people which reduces their movement speed by 70% for the duration of the debuff. Basically this ability prevents melee from hitting Capernian.

Master Engineer Telonicus
Bomb - Telonicus' main offensive ability. He periodically throws a bomb centered at his target which explodes for 6375 to 8625 fire damage with a 4 yard blast radius.

Remote Toy - Telonicus' secondary ability. Occasionally, Telonicus will place a Remote Toy debuff on a random person in the raid which lasts for 1 minute. While the debuff is active, that person will get stunned periodically for 4 seconds, with a 5 second interval. While stunned, the affected person cannot generate threat, so if the tank gains the Remote Toy debuff, DPS should be careful or they might pull aggro.

Legendary Weapons
Netherstrand Longbow - has a Multi Shot attack. Preferrably tanked by ranged, facing away from the raid to avoid the Multi Shots. Can also Blink.

Cosmic Infuser - has Holy Nova and can Heal other weapons. The heal spell can and should be interrupted.

Devastation - can Whirlwind for a considerable damage. Should be tanked away from the others.

Infinity Blades - attacks very fast and can Thrash, which gives it 2 more attacks for a potential burst damage.

Phaseshift Bulwark - has a lot more health than the other weapons and can Shield Bash, which inflicts damage and interrupts casting.

Staff of Disintegration - can cast Frostbolts and can Frost Nova.

Warp Slicer - hits hard and can Rend its target which ticks for around 500 every 3 seconds.

Kael'thas Sunstrider
Fireball - Kael'thas' main offensive ability. This spell deals around 25000 fire damage to his target, the main tank. It has a 2.5 second casting time and is interruptible. Whenever Kael'thas attempts to cast the spell, it should be interrupted as much as possible or the tank will receive too much damage.

Shock Barrier - Kael'thas' defensive ability. Every minute, Kael'thas will put up a Shock Barrier around him which absorbs 80000 damage and making him immune to interrupt effects for 10 seconds.

Pyroblast - Kael'thas' secondary offensive ability. This ability is only used on phase 4. Every time after Kael'thas puts up a Shock Barrier, he will start casting a 4 second Pyroblast which can deal 45000 to 55000 fire damage to his target, the main tank. It can be interrupted, but since Kael'thas casts this every after Shock Barrier, he will be immune to interrupts while its up. This can be absorbed by using the Phaseshift Bulwark's "On Use" ability. Kael'thas will attempt to cast 3 Pyroblasts after every Shock Barrier, so DPS should be fast and hard on the Barrier to bring it down quickly, making Kael'thas vulnerable to interrupts when the shield is down.

Arcane Disruption - Every 20 seconds, Kael'thas does a room-wide (or instance-wide) Arcane Explosion which deals minor damage of around 1750-2250 arcane damage to everyone. This explosion also has the ability to disorient players for 10 seconds. The Staff of Disintegration's "On Use" ability nullifies the disorient effect, but requires you to be within range of the person with the staff.

Flamestrike - Kael'thas' AoE nuke ability. Occasionally, Kael'thas will target a random area in his room and cast a Flamestrike at that location for 3 seconds. Its initial blast deals around 100k+ fire damage within the blast area, then leaves a consecration type DoT on the floor, dealing around 3000 fire damage every second for 8 seconds. The graphics for the cast can be easily distinguished and should be avoided at all costs.

Summon Phoenix - Occasionally, Kael'thas will create a flamestrike-like effect on a random person's location. After a few seconds, a phoenix will spawn on it with around 10000 health. This phoenix add will constantly do a Hellfire, which deals 4000 to 5000 fire damage per pulse and makes the phoenix lose 5% of its health every second. The phoenix also moves slowly, which basically makes it kiteable. When it dies, it turns into a phoenix egg, which has 69000 health and hatches after 15 seconds. If the egg is not destroyed within 15 seconds, it will hatch another phoenix add which is pretty much troublesome when multiple phoenixes exist at one time.

Mind Control - Periodically during phase 4, Kael'thas will pick 2 random people on the raid and mind control them. While mind controlled, these people's sizes, damage / healing, and movement speed increase. It is important that the mind control on these people should be dispelled immediately by hitting them with the Infinity Blade.

Gravity Lapse - Every minute during phase 5, Kael'thas will teleport everyone to his location and makes his room lose gravity. For 30 seconds, everyone floats and will be able to "swim" in the air. While midair, you can still cast spells or attack within range, but the phoenixes will most likely evade. Also, if you touch the floor while the gravity is still out, you will take damage and get thrown up in the air. After 30 seconds, gravity will be restored and everyone will fall down from where they were midair, dealing fall damage respectively.

Nether Beam - While Gravity Lapse is active, Kael'thas will constantly cast Nether Beams on random people, which deals around 1850 to 2150 arcane damage. This beam jumps from the main target to nearby people.

Nether Vapor - As soon as Gravity Lapse is used, black gas clouds appear beneath Kael'thas' feet, which starts spreading around. This vapor has the ability to deal very minor shadow damage to anyone who is caught in the cloud. Also, while in the cloud, you will get a stackable debuff which reduces your maximum health by 10% per stack and lasts for a minute. This debuff stacks up to 9, for a total of 90% maximum health reduction.

Once everyone is buffed and ready, anyone can trigger to start the event by moving closer to Kael'thas. Once he starts his dialogue, the boss event starts and you automatically enter combat. The 2 exits are also closed once the event starts. After his initial long dialogue, he will activate his first advisor, Thaladred the Darkener, to attack.

Phase 1 - Advisors
Phase 1 consists of dealing with all 4 of Kael'thas' advisors. They will be activated one at a time, and will activate after the previous one dies.

Thaladred the Darkener
He is the first advisor to be active during phase 1. This advisor is a heavy hitting warrior, but moves slower than normal. Periodically, he will cast "Gaze" on a random target, then move to this person like he has aggro. You will notice this when he emotes "Thaladred sets his gaze on ". This is generally like Fixate, which forces aggro onto someone for the duration of the effect. The person gazed should run away from Thaladred until he changes his Gaze target. He will continually change Gaze targets until he dies, which makes him untankable since he constantly changes targets. While you can freely kite him all around Kael'thas' room, this is not advisable since you might have him die at a bad spot.

In phase 3, he will be revived, and if he dies close to others, it might be bad especially if their tanks get Gazed. Essentially, you will want to kill Thaladred as close to the southwest corner of the room as possible, away from other advisors' tank spots. If he is about to die, and he got kited far away towards the north of the room, or to the east, DPS should stop until he is brought to the desired location to die, then proceed to kill him. Melee are basically useless in this part of phase 1, since it will be very bad if one of them gets Gaze while they are hitting him within melee range. Melee people should stay cool and just kite him around if they get Gazed.

Lord Sanguinar
After Thaladred the Darkener dies, Kael'thas will speak a bit more, then activates his next advisor to attack. Lord Sanguinar, another warrior, is the 2nd advisor who attacks after killing Thaladred the Darkener. This one can be, and should be tanked, most preferrably by the main tank for now. Two healers can be assigned for Lord Sanguinar's tank. Once Kael'thas continues his dialogue after Thaladred dies, the main tank should move close to Lord Sanguinar and get ready to grab him as soon as he activates.

Once grabbed, he should be brought back down to the south and a little bit to the east of the room, by the wall. Make sure not to get too close to the eastern door, because it might cause problems when people get feared out of the doorway. Once he is in position at the southern end of the room, kill Lord Sanguinar as fast as you can. Take note that Lord Sanguinar has an AoE fear ability, so make sure the tank has a Fear Ward, or has a Tremor Totem at least to prevent him from getting feared. This time, melee can safely DPS Lord Sanguinar since the AoE fear is his only noticeable ability. When Lord Sanguinar is about to die, have your warlock tank/s and a hunter peel off and move to the middle of the room, to get ready for the next advisor.

Grand Astromancer Capernian
As soon as Lord Sanguinar dies, Kael'thas will once again utter more dialogues before activating his next advisor. While he does this, the warlock tank/s should move to the eastern side of Kael'thas' room and wait for the misdirect. After his dialogue, Grand Astromancer Capernian will activate. This advisor is a caster, so getting her to her desired location will be hard, and a misdirect will be needed for it. Once she goes active, the hunter misdirects her to the warlock tank. After doing this, Grand Astromancer Capernian should start running towards the warlock tank at the side of the room. The warlock tank/s should start gaining aggro on her by casting Searing Pains once she enters casting range.

Once she stops moving and starts casting spells at the warlock tank, the hunter should move far away immediately, as well as everybody else. Only the warlock tank should be within 30 yards of Grand Astromancer Capernian as well as another warlock offtank, or if there are no warlock offtanks, someone else who will catch her Conflagration. Grand Astromancer Capernian's key ability is the Conflagration, which disorients the person affected. Its range is 30 yards, so anyone within 30 yards is susceptible to Conflagration. The warlock main tank is not exempted to this and can be the target of Conflagration as well, that is why a 2nd warlock tank is recommended so that when the primary tank gets Conflagrated, Grand Astromancer Capernian will switch to the 2nd warlock tank instead of somebody else.

Of course, the warlock tank healers (2 should be enough) should be well away from the Conflagration range, or they could get Conflagrated and it would be bad for the warlock tank. Due to Conflagration's mechanics, all ranged classes should stay beyond 30 yards and DPS from there. Just like on Thaladred the Darkener's phase, melee will be useless again on this phase, because once a person enters Capernian's melee range, she will do an Arcane Burst which deals moderate-heavy damage. You don't want to have your healers waste mana on completely avoidable damage. Might as well have your melee start a campfire somewhere and share stories while others are busy dealing with Grand Astromancer Capernian.

Master Engineer Telonicus
Once Grand Astromancer Capernian dies, you guessed it, Kael'thas still has some more dialogues! After his dialogues, his last advisor will activate. Master Engineer Telonicus, as the name implies, is an engineer which basically throws bombs as his main attack. While range isn't an issue for tanking, it would be preferrable for the main tank to tank him for now. As soon as he activates, have your tank bring him down the steps of Kael'thas' platform and to the left side of the room.

Once aggro is established, DPS can start on Master Engineer Telonicus. Melee DPS should stay within max range opposite of the tank so they won't be affected by the bombs that Telonicus throws on the tank. During the course of the fight, he will target random persons in the raid and place a Remote Toy debuff on them which periodically stuns them for a minute. This could be a non-issue for some people, but if a tank, for example, gets Remote Toy, or a main healer gets it and Telonicus is about to die, it could be bad for the next phase when they get periodically stunned.

When this happens, DPS should stop immediately and wait till the Remote Toy debuff gets cleared off the tank / healer who got it. DPS should resume when the Remote Toy debuffs are on desirable people, particularly DPS. Important people to not have the Remote Toy ticking during the next phase are the main tank, the offtanks, the ranged tank for the bow, and the main healers for these tanks. Two healers should be enough to heal Master Engineer Telonicus' tank as well.

Phase 2 - Weapons
Now that the 4 advisors of Kael'thas are dead, Kael'thas will utter more dialogues. This time, after his dialogues, he will summon his legendary weapons into the room. These weapons are aggressive and should be destroyed immediately. The order the weapons appear in front of Kael'thas (from left to right) is: Staff of Disintegration, Cosmic Infuser, Warp Slicer, Devastation, Phaseshift Bulwark, Infinity Blade, Netherstrand Longbow. They will appear in a large semi-circlular fashion in front of Kael'thas. While Kael'thas speaks his dialogue after Master Engineer Telonicus dies, tanks should start to move into position to get the weapons as soon as they appear.

There are 7 weapons, the bow is to be tanked by the ranged tank (a hunter or an elemental shaman) while the rest are tanked by the main tank and the 2 offtanks. One tank should grab the Devastation and bring it away from the other weapons since it whirlwinds for a hefty damage, probably killing non-tanks in 1-2 hits. The other 2 tanks can grab 2-3 each of the remaining weapons and bring them nearer down the stairs where they can be easily looted while being far from Devastation's whirlwind range. Also, when the weapons die, make sure that the tanks 'separate' the weapon corpses so that they can be looted without complications. Looting the weapons is one major factor in this phase because of the limited time that the weapons can be looted before the corpse disappears.

The kill order for the weapons should start with either the staff (Staff of Disintegration) or the bow (Netherstrand Longbow). It is recommended to start with the bow since it is pretty dangerous when it can blink and do multi shots on the raid. Make sure to give the ranged tank a bit of time to gain aggro on the bow before starting DPS to avoid aggro complications. Ranged classes can easily take care of the bow, while the melee can start off on the staff. Have your rogues or anyone that can interrupt focus on the mace (Cosmic Infuser) so they can watch for the heal spell and interrupt it every time.

Once the bow and staff are killed, AoE can basically go all out on the rest of the weapons except on the Devastation located far from the group. Single target damage dealers like melee can go and focus on the mace next after the staff to eliminate the 'healer'. After the mace dies, the sword (Warp Slicer) and the dagger (Infinity Blades) should be low enough and can be finished off easily. Melee can go to the shield (Phaseshift Bulwark) next after killing the sword and dagger, while ranged can kill the Devastation safely from afar. All of these should be done within 2 minutes from when the weapons appeared.

After 2 minutes even when there are still weapons alive, phase 3 will start so this phase is critical especially when the "important" weapons have to be dead and looted before entering phase 3. Those weapons include the staff and the mace. Also, the offtanks should be free before phase 3 begins, or it may become a problem when the advisors revive and the tanks are not there. The main tank does not need to be freed from tanking once phase 3 starts since Kael'thas does not activate on phase 3 yet. What you need for phase 3 are: tank for Lord Sanguinar, main warlock tank for Grand Astromancer Capernian, and tank for Master Engineer Telonicus.

Legendary Weapons are the New Purple
There are 7 weapons that spawn in phase 2. When they die, they drop a legendary item of themselves that can be looted by everyone in the raid. These legendary items are essential for the rest of the fight, especially those with special abilities within them. The legendary weapons and their special abilities are as follows:

Cosmic Infuser - the target of the caster's heals gains a buff for 30 seconds which reduces the damage taken from fire and shadow spells by 50%. Very important to reduce Grand Astromancer Capernian's damage to the warlock tank, as well as reducing the spell damage the main tank receives from Kael'thas' spells, especially Kael'thas' Pyroblast.

Devastation - nothing of important value for the encounter.

Infinity Blade - chance on hit increases magic damage taken by the target by 5%, stacks up to 5 and lasts for 30 seconds. Also dispels Kael'thas' Mind Control ability whenever you hit the victim with this dagger. Important for removing mind controls during phase 4.

Netherstrand Longbow - chance on hit increases physical damage taken by the target by 5%, stacks up to 5 and lasts for 30 seconds.

Phaseshift Bulwark - creates a shield on the caster absorbing 100000 damage and making the caster immune to fear and snare effects for 4 seconds. On use ability with a 30 second cooldown. The shield effect is very important for the main tank for absorbing Kael'thas' Pyroblast.

Staff of Disintegration - activates an aura effect from the caster within 30 yards which grants immunity from stun, silence and disorient effects to everyone within range. On use ability with no cooldown. Can be spammed basically to refresh the aura effect for everyone within range. Very important for everyone to avoid getting disoriented from Kael'thas' Arcane Disruption spell. Also very important for the warlock tank to be immune to Grand Astromancer Capernian's Conflagration, as well as Lord Sanguinar's tank (and everyone within range) to be immune to his AoE fear, and everyone else being immune to Remote Toy's stun effect.
Warp Slicer - nothing of important value for the encounter.

Each person can loot one of each weapon, but specific classes can only make use of some of the weapons. Once looted, these weapons will last for 15 minutes or until the encounter is reset, or you exit the instance. Here are the classes and what weapon they should loot:

Druid - Staff of Disintegration (Balance / Feral) or Cosmic Infuser (Restoration)
Hunter - Netherstrand Longbow, Devastation or Infinity Blade + Warp Slicer
Mage - Staff of Disintegration
Paladin - Cosmic Infuser (Holy) or Infinity Blade (Protection) or Devastation (Retribution), Phaseshift Bulwark
Priest - Cosmic Infuser (Discipline / Holy) or Staff of Disintegration (Shadow)
Rogue - Warp Slicer + Infinity Blade
Shaman - Staff of Disintegration (Elemental) or Devastation (Enhancement) or Cosmic Infuser + Phaseshift Bulwark (Restoration)
Warlock - Staff of Disintegration
Warrior - Devastation (Arms) or Infinity Blade + Warp Slicer (Fury) or Infinity Blade + Phaseshift Bulwark (Protection-Main Tank) or Infinity Blade + Phaseshift Bulwark + Warp Slicer (Protection-Offtank)

Transition into Phase 3
Phase 2 only lasts for 2 minutes. There are no exceptions for when there are still weapons alive when 2 minutes run out. DPS should be fast and hard on phase 2 to kill the weapons immediately and to loot them to their respective owners. They are all unique, so you cannot take multiple of any one weapon. At around 1:45 minute mark, tanks and their respective healers should start running back to where they tanked the advisors.

Main tank or Offtank 2 should go run fast south and get ready to grab Lord Sanguinar. Offtank 2 should move beside Master Engineer Telonicus and be ready to grab him when he revives. Warlock main tank should move to where he tanked Grand Astromancer Capernian. Their respective healers should move together with them. Warlock tank should have the legendary staff already and have the aura active to prevent him and his healer/s from getting disoriented by the Conflagration.

If the shield is not dead yet on the transition, warrior / paladin offtanks need not worry about it, but someone else needs to loot a shield and deliver it to Lord Sanguinar's tank as soon as the shield dies. This is best done by a melee class who does not need a shield (like a rogue). The shield actually helps Lord Sanguinar's tank to be protected from his fear ability. When phase 3 starts, the tanks should grab their targets and everyone else should continue killing the rest of the weapons. A hunter should be misdirecting Grand Astromancer Capernian to the warlock tank again to avoid complications.

Phase 3 - Advisors, again?!
Two minutes from the start of phase 2, Kael'thas will do another set of dialogues. This time, he will revive all 4 of his dead advisors at the same time. That's right, all 4 advisors at once. This phase can be considered as the hardest part of the encounter, since you need to have your tanks ready to pick their targets on start of phase 3. Phase 2 DPS determines if the transition to phase 3 will be smooth since you need fast DPS on phase 2, as well as time for looting weapons to their respective owners.

If weapons are still alive and it is almost time for phase 3 to start, then there could be problems when the advisors come alive. If you managed to get a clean transition, then the next thing to worry about is everyone's roles. For Thaladred the Darkener and Grand Astromancer Capernian, everyone should stay away from them. Melee DPS should go and kill Lord Sanguinar first. Ranged DPS should kill Thaladred the Darkener as fast as they can to eliminate the Gazes. Of course, everyone should be aware of Thaladred's Gaze and get ready to kite him anywhere but near Grand Astromancer Capernian.

Once ranged are finished with Thaladred, they should move to kill Capernian next. And once melee are done with Lord Sanguinar, they should move quickly to Telonicus and kill him next. Killing the 4 advisors again, and for good this time, should take more or less 3 minutes. The whole phase 3 lasts for 3 minutes, and after that, Kael'thas will finally be activated and start attacking as well.

Transition into Phase 4
Phase 3 lasts for 3 minutes. Like the weapons in phase 2, you need to kill as many advisors in phase 3 as possible before phase 4 begins. Also, it is very important that at least Thaladred and Lord Sanguinar be killed before phase 4 starts. Before phase 4 actually starts, the main tank should already be free from tanking Lord Sanguinar (if he was tanking him) and should be moving to Kael'thas' location. Main tank healers should apply the mace buff beforehand, and have someone with the staff stay near the main tank to provide the staff aura for the tank.

Once Kael'thas becomes active, the main tank should grab him and generate aggro on him while everyone else continues to kill the remaining advisor/s. Also, have at least 1 interrupter go up on Kael'thas with the main tank to help interrupt the fireballs. It is important that the main tank gets the mace buff and the staff aura all the time or he will die from Kael'thas' spells, or get disoriented from the Arcane Disruption.

Phase 4 - Kael'thas Emerges
Phase 4 actually starts after 3 minutes have passed from the start of phase 3. Even if there are still advisors alive from phase 3, Kael'thas will become active and start attacking the raid. During this phase, everyone else except the main tank, his healers and a few interrupters should go and finish the remaining advisor/s before going in and start DPS on Kael'thas. The whole phase 4 lasts until Kael'thas reaches 50% health.

On this phase, Kael'thas primarily uses Fireball as his offensive spell on the main tank. Occasionally, Flamestrikes will appear on the raid, so everyone should be alert and watch out for the big fire spell graphic on the ground and avoid it at all costs. Also, Mind Controls will happen periodically, and people with the daggers should try hitting those people with it to dispel the mind control. Phoenixes will spawn randomly across the room, and these should be tanked, or kited.

While these are happening, on every minute mark, Kael'thas will put up his Shock Barrier and will start casting Pyroblasts on the tank. Kael'thas will actually cast 3 Pyroblasts during this time, and they should be interrupted, or absorbed by the shield. It is recommended to use the shield on the first Pyroblast, then soak the 2nd, and interrupt the 3rd. If DPS is very good and the shield breaks for the second Pyroblast, it should be interrupted as well. This is good since the tank does not need to soak in the Pyroblast damage.

After the Shock Barrier 'phase' is done, the cycle repeats with Kael'thas spamming Fireballs on the tank, Mind Controlling people, spawning Phoenix, and throwing Flamestrikes on the raid for another minute before Kael'thas puts up another Shock Barrier for another set of Pyroblasts. This phase can be the busiest phase, with people running around killing phoenix eggs, hitting Kael'thas, finding mind controlled people, and avoiding flamestrikes. Once you've dropped Kael'thas to 50% health and phase 5 starts, things should become easier for the raid at that point, so don't give up!

Controlling Mind Controls
Periodically in phase 4, Kael'thas will pick a couple of random people in the raid and mind control them. They will get buffed while charmed, but of course, you don't want your comrades turning against you. To remove the mind control effects and return your friends back to reality, you will need the legendary dagger's special ability. The Infinity Blade's special ability is dispelling mind controls when they are hit by the dagger.

Now, you don't want your friends to get hurt if you use your main attacks just to snap them back to reality. What you need to do is to use your ability which deals the minimal damage, but hits with the weapon when used. An example of this is the warrior's Hamstring, or the hunter's Wing Clip, or even the rogue's Shiv. Of course, rogues and hunters would be busy DPSing. The class suitable for this is the protection warrior, or even protection paladin.

If you have these as offtanks, they can go and check for people who get mind controlled and hit them with the dagger to dispel their mind controls. If they themselves get mind controlled, then other people with the dagger should help dispelling them. Mages can help these people by sheeping these mind controlled people for a while until these people reach the mind controlled and manage to dispel the effect.

Dealing with Phoenixes
Every minute in between Shock Barrier phases, Kael'thas will summon a phoenix on a random area in his room. The phoenix looks like the Embers of Al'ar, but this time it does a constant Hellfire which deals heavy damage if you stay in its area of effect, and it moves slower. To deal with the phoenix, there are several ways to do it. One way is to have the phoenix kited away from everybody, and either kill it with ranged or let it die by itself.

This can be hard, seeing as the phoenix appears randomly on the raid, and will move to its highest threat target. Also, it pulses nasty hellfires, and having it pass through people can be really bad. If ranged DPS can handle it, they can kill the phoenix fast, and kill the egg as fast as possible when the phoenix dies. Everyone, including melee should help out on the egg, or else it will hatch another phoenix within 15 seconds. One phoenix is already a pain, having more than 1 can be really annoying.

Another way of dealing with the phoenix is to tank it away from everyone. Of course, the tank will be vulnerable to its nasty hellfires, and the only way to handle this is to have your offtank in fire resist gear. Moderate resist should be enough, so as not to gimp the tank stats too much. The fire resist gear from the Badge of Justice rewards should be fine for this job. Since it is being tanked, ranged DPS can either kill it, or just ignore the phoenix and let it die after 20 seconds from all the hellfire damage that it will do to itself. Of course, everyone should be on the egg when it appears and kill it immediately before it hatches.

Pyroblasts and You
After every Shock Barrier, Kael'thas will try to cast 3 consecutive Pyroblasts on the main tank. The Shock Barrier basically prevents the Pyroblasts from being interrupted, so the main tank needs to absorb one of the pyroblasts and try to survive the next. The third Pyroblast should be interruptible as soon as the Shock Barrier fades after 10 seconds (if DPS fails to destroy the barrier), although it will be hard since there will only be 2 seconds left on the cast by the time the Shock Barrier fades.

If DPS can make it, the first pyroblast should be absorbed by the shield's 'on use' ability, and let the DPS break down the barrier before the second pyroblast gets cast. If DPS can't break it before the 2nd pyroblast, the main tank should be ready to soak the damage. With the mace buff in effect, Pyroblast's damage will be cut in half, making it deal around 25k fire damage. This damage is still huge, and will need to be reduced still, or just have the tank gain more health for that pyroblast. Power Word: Shield from priests are great for reducing a bit more damage from the incoming pyroblast. Take a Major Fire Protection Potion, and the damage will be reduced even more.

If you are a herbalist, using a Fel Blossom will help reduce the incoming damage as well. A Nightmare Seed can be used as alternative if you are not a herbalist. If your health is not enough, you might need to use your Last Stand, or even Shield Wall for it (if you are a warrior main tank). These are great ways to survive the incoming Pyroblast without the Phaseshift Bulwark's ability. Don't rely on your DPS to break the shield before the 2nd pyroblast is cast all the time. There can be some other things going on before / while Shock Barrier is up, like having a phoenix egg up, or having a flamestrike just under the melee. Being prepared for the worst is good, and these are great ideas for it.

Phase 5 - Kael'thas, Powered up?
Once Kael'thas reaches 50% health, he will start to levitate and increase in size, and the walls in his room will start to fall apart. Phase 5 will start and any remaining phoenixes and eggs should be killed at this point. This phase can be considered as 'stay-cool-and-we-win' phase since there will be less things to worry about on this phase. During phase 5, Kael'thas will no longer mind control people or use Pyroblast on the tank. Instead, he will gain several new abilities with his new found power. One of them is the Gravity Lapse. This ability basically removes gravity in the room and allows swimming in the air for everyone.

Sounds easy, right? But while Gravity Lapsed, Kael'thas will continually cast bolts of shadow energy called Nether Beams to random people. These beams chain to nearby people, so this means everyone needs to spread out away from each other to avoid chaining the beams. Also, when Kael'thas casts Gravity Lapse, Nether Vapor will appear around him, which when touched, will apply a debuff on you which reduces your total health by 10% for every stack for up to 9 stacks. Getting 1 or 2 should be fine, but more than that would be bad, especially if you are the main tank. Gravity Lapse lasts for 30 seconds.

After the effect disappears, gravity will be restored and everyone will fall to the ground. If you are high enough, you will suffer fall damage, so it is important to stay near the ground to avoid suffering fall damage. Don't touch the ground while Gravity Lapse is in effect though, or you will take damage and get thrown up the air again. Continuous casting of Nether Beams lasts until Gravity Lapse fades. Once gravity is restored, Kael'thas will cast one final Nether Beam and then return to attacking his current target. Only the Pyroblast and the Mind Control are removed, so he will still cast Fireballs, Arcane Disruptions, Flamestrikes and summon Phoenixes during this phase.

The phoenix eggs should still be destroyed as soon as possible, unless Kael'thas is already very low on health and ignoring the phoenixes won't really hurt. If you choose to ignore the phoenixes, make sure they are kited way back far from the raid. Continue hitting him hard, break his Shock Barriers and eventually you will win if you stay calm and focused in this phase.

With Kael'thas Sunstrider dead, Tempest Keep: The Eye is clear, and you have just gotten one of the 2 Vials of Eternity needed for the Scale of the Sands epic ring quest (previous Mount Hyjal attunement quest). Congratulations on your tier5 chestpieces!


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