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World of Warcraft Database News - Nagrand

New Items (27): Headdress of the Sleeper, Warpweaver's Gloves, Midrealm Hat, Resonating Axe, Gauntlets of the Redeemed Vindicator, Lavaforged Warhammer, Great Earthforged Hammer, Light Skyforged Axe, Light Emberforged Hammer, Light Earthforged Blade, Stormforged Hauberk, Earthforged Leggings, Windforged Leggings, Nether Guards, Verdant Gloves, Flameheart Vest, Flameheart Gloves, Flameheart Bracers, Aldor Tabard, Pattern: Flameheart Vest, Pattern: Flameheart Gloves, Pattern: Flameheart Bracers, Bloodwarder's Rifle, Chestguard of the Stormspire, Crimson Mail Hauberk, Singed Vambraces, Legguards of the Shattered Hand
Updated Items (218): Legionnaire's Dreadweave Leggings, Marshal's Lamellar Gloves, Zum'rah's Vexing Cane, Stormpike Soldier's Cloak, Dimensional Ripper - Everlook, Stomping Boots, Truesilver Champion, Blight, Templar Bracers, BKP 42 "Ultra", Pathfinder Shoulder Pads, Field Marshal's Satin Mantle, Field Marshal's Headdress, Lavishly Jeweled Ring, Champion's Dreadweave Hood, Bracers of Qiraji Command, Ragefire Wand, The Shatterer, Cliffrunner's Aim, Zandalar Haruspex's Belt, Pridelord Pauldrons, Marshal's Satin Pants, Brawnhide Armor, Blessed Qiraji War Hammer, Marshal's Satin Sandals, Angelista's Grasp, Champion's Dreadweave Shoulders, Gloves of the Swarm, Kalimdor's Revenge, Blackstone Ring, Insignia of the Alliance, Stormpike Soldier's Pendant, Highlander's Lamellar Girdle, Truesilver Gauntlets, Insignia of the Alliance, Insignia of the Alliance, Necropile Boots, Nature's Whisper, Slamshot Shoulders, Death Grips, Mighty Cloak, Satyr's Bow, Flameweave Cuffs, Defiler's Epaulets, Legionnaire's Dreadweave Robe, Truesilver Breastplate, Imbued Plate Gauntlets, Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan, Windsong Cinch, Highlander's Lamellar Spaulders, Fury of the Forgotten Swarm, Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight, Guise of the Devourer, Conqueror's Breastplate, Thick Qirajihide Belt, Legplates of Blazing Light, Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds, Abyssal Plate Greaves, Dark Phantom Cape, Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector, Clay Ring, Phantom Blade, Marshal's Lamellar Legplates, Handcrafted Mastersmith Leggings, Insignia of the Horde, Renataki's Charm of Beasts, High Chief's Pauldrons, Stormpike Insignia Rank 3, Drillborer Disk, Lei of the Lifegiver, Ring of the Godslayer, Cryptstalker Legguards, Thoughtblighter, Cryptstalker Headpiece, Frostfire Leggings, Voidfire Wand, Mark of Conquest, Mud Encrusted Boots, Raging Spirit Harness, Auslese's Light Channeler, Clefthoof Meat, Soul Essence, Sundered Footwraps, Pattern: Bolt of Soulcloth, Primordial Essence, Blastguard Boots, Elemental Fragment, Elemental Shard, Flamebane Bracers, Pair of Ivory Tusks, Clefthoof Belt, Ironspine Greaves, Telaari Longblade, Moldavite Ring, Nethekurse's Rod of Torment, Pattern: Silver Spellthread, Pattern: Golden Spellthread, Arcane Ringed Tunic, Pattern: Blastguard Belt, Pattern: Blastguard Boots, Pattern: Blastguard Pants, Pattern: Flamescale Belt, Pattern: Flamescale Boots, Pattern: Flamescale Leggings, Reinforced Mining Bag, Blastguard Belt, Blastguard Pants, Flamescale Belt, Flamescale Boots, Flamescale Leggings, Earthbreaker's Greaves, Violet Signet, Girdle of the Deathdealer, Ceremonial Cover, Hellscream's Will, Earthcaller's Headdress, Auchenai Staff, Anchorite's Robes, Vindicator's Hauberk, Vindicator's Brand, Medallion of the Lightbearer, Flightblade Throwing Axe, Greater Inscription of Warding, Greater Inscription of Vengeance, Greater Inscription of Faith, Greater Inscription of Discipline, Inscription of Vengeance, Inscription of Warding, Inscription of Discipline, Inscription of Faith, Emerald Ripper, Bulwark of the Ancient Kings, Bulwark of Kings, Breastplate of Kings, Stormherald, Deep Thunder, Dragonstrike, Dragonmaw, Bloodmoon, Mooncleaver, Wicked Edge of the Planes, Lionheart Executioner, Lionheart Champion, Blazeguard, Boots of the Shifting Sands, Arcane Netherband, Obsidian Clodstompers, Revenger, Mag'hari Scout's Tunic, Sun-Gilded Shouldercaps, Splintermark, Whispering Blade of Slaying, Leggings of Assassination, Cloak of the Inciter, Dream-Wing Helm, Severed Talon of the Matriarch, Incanter's Trousers, Jump-a-tron 4000 Key, Air Elemental Gas, Survivalist's Pike, Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Sample, Terrorcloth Mantle, Muck-Covered Drape, Metallic Headband of Simm'onz, Ogre Slayer's Pendant, Pattern: Vindicator's Armor Kit, Netherfury Boots, Netherfury Leggings, Vindicator's Armor Kit, Totem of the Plains, Staff of the Four Golden Coins, Clefthoof Wristguards, Eighty Silver Links, Smuggler's Mitts, Melia's Lustrous Crown, Warcaster's Scaled Leggings, Cord of the Ring, Spaulders of the Ring, Muck-ridden Galoshes, Lo'ap's Muck Diving Pads, Lo'ap's Tunic of Muck Diving, Pilgrim's Belt, Lightbearer's Gauntlets, Aged Horn, Brittle Horn, Smooth Fur, Dirt-covered Fur, Worn Hoof, Resilient Tail Hair, Corroded Mace, Deteriorating Plate Belt, Moldy Leather Boots, Shadow Council Orb, Talonguard Armor, Shadow Council Boot, Howling Wind, Digested Caracoli, Calming Spore Reed, Golden Spellthread, Design: Pendant of Shadow's End, Pendant of Shadow's End, Plans: Flamebane Breastplate, Plans: Flamebane Gloves, Plans: Flamebane Helm, Plans: Flamebane Bracers, Embrace of the Twisting Nether, Twisting Nether Chain Shirt, Nether Chain Shirt, Runic Hammer, Flamebane Helm, Flamebane Gloves, Flamebane Breastplate, Arelion's Journal, Design: Gleaming Golden Draenite, Design: Royal Shadow Draenite, Soulcloth Gloves, Bolt of Soulcloth, The Shadowfoot Stabber
New Bestiary (22): Farahlon Lasher, Talbuk Doe, Talbuk Sire, Void Spawner XL, Void Conduit, Enormous Void Storm, Dimensius the All-Devouring, Unending Voidwraith, Camera Shakers Manaforge Ultris, Unstable Voidwraith, Seeping Sludge, Voidshrieker, Warp Chaser, Cosmowrench Bruiser, Harpax, Sab'aoth, Kerpow Blastwrench, Netherstorm Target, Swiftwing Shredder, Zeppit, Ancient Orc Ancestor, Kil'sorrow Agent
Updated Bestiary (4): Defilers Emissary, League of Arathor Emissary, Warp Hunter, Timber Worg
New Quests (19): I Must Have Them!, The Howling Wind, Bring Me The Egg!, Oshu'gun Crystal Powder, The Consortium Needs You!, The Impotent Leader, The Nesingwary Safari, Proving Your Strength, Wanted: Giselda the Crone, Wanted: Zorbo the Advisor, Missing Mag'hari Procession, Vile Idolatry, The Missing War Party, Murkblood Leaders..., Murkblood Corrupters, The Underneath, A Rare Bean, Muck Diving, The Tortured Earth

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