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World of Warcraft Database News - Netherstorm

New Items (20): Crocolisk Tooth, Crocolisk Tail, Area 52 Engineering Gloves, Heavy-Duty Engineering Boots, Trepp's Shoulderguards, Eco-Dome Leggings, Amulet of the Torn-heart, Boots of the Nexus Warden, Zeppit's Crystal, Warp Chaser Blood, Field Agent's Bracers, Otherwordly Pauldrons, Ethereal Gloves, Zephyrion's Belt, Red Ring of Destruction, Hypnotic Flower, Razor Thorn, Heavenly Inspiration, Leggings of Concentrated Power, Nexus-Guard's Pauldrons
Updated Items (59): Scroll of Stamina IV, Insignia of the Alliance, Scroll of Strength III, Parachute Cloak, Golden Dragon Ring, Figurine - Jade Owl, Simple Opal Ring, Elemental Dagger, Azure Moonstone Ring, Sapphire Pendant of Winter Night, Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing, Ruby Pendant of Fire, Astralaan Gloves, Pulse Dagger, Midrealm Leggings, Consortium Combatant's Robes, Energy Field Modulator, Talbuk Tagger, Diagnostic Device, Ripfang Lynx Pelt, Dome Generator Segment, Experimental Repair Apparatus, Hulking Hydra Heart, Diagnostic Results, Diagnostic Results, Navuud's Concoction, Ivory Bell, Surveying Markers, Boom's Doom, Coruu Access Crystal, Smithing Hammer, Warp-Attuned Orb, Glowing Thorium Band, Triangulation Device, Triangulation Device, Surveying Equipment, Box of Surveying Equipment, Fel Reaver Part, Elemental Power, Elemental Power Extractor, Archmage Vargoth's Staff, Needle Fang, Vorpal Claw, Dense Stone Statue, Solid Stone Statue, Glimmering Scale, Decaying Leather Pants, Boneshredder Britches, Thick Adamantite Necklace, Golden Draenite Ring, Fel Iron Blood Ring, Formula: Enchant Cloak - Major Resistance, Runed Fel Iron Rod, Prismatic Sphere, Void Sphere, Living Emerald Pendant, Band of Natural Fire, Onslaught Ring, Truesilver Healing Ring
New Bestiary (94): Sunfury Researcher, Sunfury Arcanist, Mo'arg Doomsmith, Gan'arg Engineer, Teleporter Explosion Trigger, Warp-Gate Engineer, Drijya, Phase Hunter, Shauly Pore, Mama Wheeler, Gahruj, Dealer Dunar, Mehrdad, Ripfang Lynx, Shimmerwing Moth, Barbscale Crocolisk, Mana Snapper, Area 52 Death Machine, Artifact Seeker, Warp Aberration, Felblade Doomguard, Chief Engineer Lorthander, Sunfury Guardsman, Sunfury Arch Mage, Arcanist Ardonis Credit, Warpmaster Lyssendra Credit, Commander Dawnforge Credit, Manaforge Visual Trigger, Overseer Seylanna, Commander Dawnforge, Arcanist Ardonis, Arcane Annihilator, Spellbinder Maryana, Apex, Sunfury Bowman, Netherstorm Shoot Target, Nether Beast, Netherstorm Nether Beast Target, Sunfury Centurion, Sunfury Conjurer, Master Daellis Dawnstrike, Glacius, Summoner Kanthin, Salaadin's Energy Ball, Nexus-King Salhadaar, Aurine Moonblaze, Markaru, Hound of Culuthas, Eye of Culuthas, Wrathbringer, Cyber-Rage Forgelord, Farahlon Breaker, Culuthas Scan Target Dummy, Surveying Marker One, Surveying Marker Two, Dead Doomguard, Culuthas, Image of Socrethar, Surveying Marker Three, Cragskaar, Tashar, Scythetooth Raptor, Warp Monstrosity, Sundered Thunderer, Ironspine Forgelord, Terrorguard Protector, Invis Talbuk Credit, Thorny Growth, Mutated Farahlon Lasher, Arcane Vortex, Tentacle of Markaru, Gan'arg Mekgineer, Nether Gas Visual Trigger, Inactive Fel Reaver, Wrath Priestess, Fel Imp, Tyrantus, Protectorate Vanguard, Shaleskin Ripper, Subservient Flesh Beast, Dealer Hazzin, Wind Trader Marid, Ethereum Shocktrooper, Protectorate Regenerator, Protectorate Nether Drake, Professor Dabiri, Researcher Navuud, Commander Ameer, Flesh Handler Viridius, Captain Saeed, Protectorate Avenger, Protectorate Defender, Craghide Basilisk, Netherstorm Triangulation Point One Trigger
New Quests (36): The Archmage's Staff, Elemental Power Extraction, In A Scrap With The Legion, One Demon's Trash..., Attack on Manaforge Coruu, Rightful Repossession, Sabotage the Warp-Gate!, Shutting Down Manaforge Coruu, Drijya Needs Your Help, Run a Diagnostic!, New Opportunities, Keeping Up Appearances, Deal With the Saboteurs, To the Stormspire, Indispensable Tools, The Dynamic Duo, Bloody Imp-ossible!, Retrieving the Goods, Diagnosis: Critical, The Minions of Culuthas, Fel Reavers, No Thanks!, Surveying the Ruins, Flora of the Eco-Domes, Creatures of the Eco-Domes, When Nature Goes Too Far, Testing the Prototype, All Clear!, Success!, An Audience with the Prince, Triangulation Point One, A Not-So-Modest Proposal, Electro-Shock Goodness!, The Ethereum, Recipe for Destruction, Captain Tyralius, Triangulation Point Two

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