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World of Warcraft Database News - Rexxar Quests

New Items (29): Crust Burster Venom Gland, Baron Sablemane's Poison, Kodohide Drum, Huffer's Whistle, Grulloc's Sack, Dragonfire Trap, Fanged Axe, Whistling Sword, Adjudicator's Staff, Sablemane's Trap, Darktread Boots, Twin Moon Shoulderguards, Chaintwine Cinch, Wild Wood Staff, Iron Oak Shield, Ironroot Seeds, Harbinger's Pendant, Grisly Totem, Ruuan'ok Claw, Wraithcloth Bindings, Supple Leather Boots, Diluvian Spaulders, Whiteknuckle Gauntlets, Connective Tissue, Damaged Mask, Bloody Spider Fang, Camp Anger Key, Mystery Mask, Felsworn Gas Mask
Updated Items (6): Electrified Scale, Basilisk Venom Sac, Vibrant Feather, Barbed Leg, Corroded Mail Gloves, Corroded Mail Circlet
New Bestiary (87): Grulloc, Brown Marmot, [DND]Ripe Moonshine Keg Credit, Marmot, Wyrmcult Hewer, Wyrmcult Poacher, Wyrmcult Broodling, Outraged Raven's Wood Sapling, Ruuan'ok Skyfury, [DND]Green Spot Grog Keg Credit, [DND]Fermented Seed Beer Keg Cre, Dorgok, Bladespire Ravager, Bladespire Enforcer, Leokk, Bladespire Chef, Bladespire Battlemage, Fingrom, Huffer, Boulder'mok Brute, Boulder'mok Shaman, Tree Warden Chawn, Cymbre Starsong, Noko Moonwhisper, Fhyn Leafshadow, Samia Inkling, Ruuan Weald Sister, Faradrella, Xerintha Ravenoak, Rashere Pridehoof, O'Mally Zapnabber, O'Mally's Instrument Bunny, Zinyen Swiftstrider, Commander Haephus Stonewall, Mosswood the Ancient, Timeon, Lieutenant Fairweather, Wildlord Antelarion, Natasha, Overseer Nuaar, Expedition Outrider, Watcher Moonshade, Expedition Druid, Wyrmcult Hunter, [PH] Cave Bat JZB, Draaca Longtail, Dire Raven, Scorch Imp, Raven's Wood Leafbeard, Raven's Wood Ent, Grishna Harbinger, Grishna Scorncrow, Blackscale, Raven's Wood Stonebark, [DND]Sablemane's Trap Target, Boulder'mok Chieftain, Felsworn Scalewing, Treebole, Ruuan'ok Ravenguard, Ruuan Weald Basilisk, Ruuan'ok Cloudgazer, Blade's Edge Kneel Target 02, Blade's Edge - Arakkoa Spell Ori, Ruuan'ok Matriarch, Arakkoa Egg, Harbinger of the Raven, Blade's Edge - Deadsoul Orb, Ridgespine Horror, Searing Elemental, Scalded Basilisk, Darkflame Infernal, Witness of Doom, Felstorm Overseer, Felstorm Corruptor, Insidious Familiar, Legion Fel Cannon MKII, Daggertail Lizard, Deathlash Stinger, Amberpelt Clefthoof, Lightning Wasp, Bash'ir Spell-Thief, Bash'ir Arcanist, Bash'ir Raider, Unbound Ethereal, Shard-Hide Boar, Trigul, Warp-Mane Chimaera
Updated Bestiary (2): Blade's Edge Kneel Target 01, Wisp
New Quests (16): Baron Sablemane's Poison, The Smallest Creatures, A Boaring Time for Grulloc, It's a Trap!, Gorgrom the Dragon-Eater, Crush the Bloodmaul Camp, Slaughter at Boulder'mok, A Time for Negotiation..., Culling the Wild, Little Embers, From the Ashes, Creating the Pendant, Whispers of the Raven God, Damaged Mask, Mystery Mask, Felsworn Gas Mask

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