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World of Warcraft Database News - ShadowMoon Valley

New Items (24): Vekh'nir Crystal, Dertrok's Wand Case, Dertrok's First Wand, Dertrok's Second Wand, Dertrok's Third Wand, Dertrok's Fourth Wand, Infused Vekh'nir Crystal, Inkling's Leggings, Ever-burning Ash, Sketh'lon Commander's Journal - Page 1, Sketh'lon Commander's Journal - Page 2, Sketh'lon Commander's Journal - Page 3, Felfire Spleen, Clocktock's Jumpers, Spectrecles, Boots of Zealotry, Lightwarden's Girdle, Sketh'lon War Totem, Fel Reaver Power Core, Fel Reaver Armor Plate, Stringy Ectoplasm, Bloodforged Guard, Mooncrest Headdress, Fel Bomb
Updated Items (17): Field Marshal's Leather Epaulets, Field Marshal's Leather Chestpiece, Hammer of Ji'zhi, Stormrage Belt, Stormrage Handguards, Blue Topaz Band, Nexus-Bracers of Vigor, Ironspine Legguards, Andrethan's Masterwork, Sha'tari Wrought Armguards, Moonstrider Boots, Time-Shifted Dagger, Harold's Rejuvenating Broach, Wand of Happiness, Boots of the Specialist, Corroded Mail Pants, Decaying Leather Gloves
New Bestiary (54): Silkwing, Vekh'nir Keeneye, Vekh'nir Dreadhawk, Vekh'nir Stormcaller, Dullgrom Dredger, Blade's Edge Kneel Target 03, Vekh'nir Matriarch, Vekh, Morcrush, Skethyl Owl, Dark Conclave Hawkeye, Dark Conclave Shadowmancer, Dark Conclave Ravenguard, Doomwalker, Felboar, Vilewing Chimaera, Shadowmoon Zealot, Deathforge Guardian, Deathforge Summoner, Deathforge Imp, Coilskar Defender, Coilskar Siren, Enraged Water Spirit, Naga Distiller (Coilskar Point), Coilskar Screamer, Coilskar Cobra, Grom'tor, Son of Oronok, Coilskar Commander, Coilskar Waterkeeper, Greater Felfire Diemetradon, Dormant Infernal, Parshah, Newly Crafted Infernal, Deathforge Tinkerer, Flanis Swiftwing, Kagrosh, Deathbringer Jovaan, Image of Warbringer Razuun, Asghar, Deathforge Smith, Cooling Infernal, Wildhammer Defender, Wildhammer Gryphon Rider, Wildhammer Guard, Wing Commander Nuainn, Dark Conclave Talonite, Dark Conclave Scorncrow, Dark Conclave Harbinger, Enraged Earth Spirit, Borak, Son of Oronok, Eclipsion Centurion, Eclipsion Bloodwarder, Eclipse Point - Bloodcrystal Spell Orgin, Eclipsion Archmage
New Quests (11): Trial and Error, Understanding the Mok'Nathal, Ruuan Weald, Find the Deserter, Frankly, It Makes No Sense..., Spectrecles, Teron Gorefiend - Lore and Legend, Asghar's Totem, Setting Up the Bomb, Blast the Infernals!, The Rod of Lianthe

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