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World of Warcraft The Rise of the Machines

NameThe Rise of the Machines
ZoneBurning Steppes
Money Rewarded1g 65s
TextThe machines made themselves known to us during our initial forays into the Searing Gorge. Upon further investigation we discovered that they were being imported from Burning Steppes, possibly Blackrock Depths. That is what we need you for, $N.

Your first task is to venture to the Burning Steppes and recover elemental shards from the rock automatons and lesser rock creations of the region. Once you have collected a sufficient amount, return to me and I shall determine their source of origin.
Quest Chain
ObjectiveVenture to the Burning Steppes and recover 10 Fractured Elemental Shards for Hierophant Theodora Mulvadania.$B$BYou recall Theodora mentioning the golems and elementals of that region as being a source for these shards.
Items Required
Starts at MobHierophant Theodora Mulvadania
Ends at MobHierophant Theodora Mulvadania
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