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World of Warcraft Blessed Qiraji War Hammer

Blessed Qiraji War Hammer   
Binds when picked up   
One Hand  Mace
89-166 Damage  Speed 2.1
(60.71 Damage per Second)
70 Armor
+ 12 Stamina
+ 10 Strength
Durability 105 / 105
Requires Level 60
Equip: Increases attack power by 280 in Cat, Bear, Dire Bear, and Moonkin forms only.
Equip: Increases defense rating by 12.
"The weapon is infused and reinforced with Elementium."
Reward From Quest(s)Click To Hide/Show
Imperial Qiraji Regalia
Buy Price43g 10s 40c
Sell Price8g 62s 8c
Submitted Bysanklovich
DisenchantableRequires Enchanting Skill 225
Item Render


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