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World of Warcraft Pridelord Pauldrons

Pridelord Pauldrons   
Binds when equipped   
Shoulders  Leather
111 Armor
+ 16 Agility
+ 4 Spirit
+ 2 Stamina
Durability 50 / 50
Requires Level 52
Dropped ByClick To Hide/Show
MobDrop RateTimes Looted
Winterfall Den Watcher0.0%1
Stonelash Flayer0.0%1
Dredge Crusher0.0%1
Hive'Zora Tunneler0.0%1
Buy Price6g 57s 80c
Sell Price1g 31s 56c
Submitted Bysanklovich
DisenchantableRequires Enchanting Skill 200


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